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lördag 27 februari 2010

Dollhouses,Ginger dolls bodies,Sindydolls,Barbiedolls,dollshouses

On my homepage in "Dockskåp/Dollshouses" you
will find photos of Janets Doll´s house after it has
been renovated.
Please find photos of Ginger Dolls Body types in "Ginger"

Feel free to visit my Homepage.

Example of photos that you will find, before
and after the renovation

torsdag 25 februari 2010

Ginger Dolls different bodies

Ginger dolls,Sindy dolls,Barbie dolls,Dolls houses

If you want information about the Ginger dolls
bodies you will find some on my Homepage

Feel free to visit my Homepage.http://lilsdolls.se/

Example of what you can find:

Here in Sweden we have a very cold winter
with a lot of snow. The trains are standing
on the stations unable to move and people
have trouble to get to there working places.

Kind regards from Lil