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lördag 22 december 2012


Rebeccas box with "Europa" dollhouse furniture.
The Photos on the box shows some similar 
furniture of Lundby, Brio and other companies
dollhouse furniture. The box is marked "Europa
on the left and "Rusco" of Australia on the right" ?

Rebeccas "Europa" furniture. The white part at
the bottom of the bookshelf, is just an additional
support so that it can not fall.
More to read on Rebeccas Blog. 

My bathroom "Europa". The colors of the toilet
on the box are reversed when compared to mine.
This bathroom looks similar to Lundbys.

My Jacobsen chair has two holes in the plastic
underneath, in the space between each chair leg.
The same as my other old red Jacobsen chairs.
The difference is that this one is white and has
black loose rubber feet.
I now remember one thing that happend on a fair.
A few years ago, a guy at a fair told me that Brio
sent loose furniture to Germany for packing long
ago. Did not think much of it then, because I
assumed they just packed there and then sold
with Brio logo?
Perhaps it was so that the they manufactured
and sold the furniture and even perhaps
"the right" to other companies to produce and
make changes and sell under a contract under
their own name. ??  Who knows!

Brio launched the first dollhouse in Germany
ca 1971.

More to see and read about BRIO, Europa, Lundby
Dollhouses-furniture and Jacobsen furniture on
my Homepage at:  http://www.lilsdolls.se/

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